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GOODlife Magazine December 2016

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The holidays are here

The holidays are here and that can mean so many different things for every person. The stress of being pulled in many different directions mixed with the joy of getting to be with the people you love. And with each passing year, new traditions begin and old traditions continue. As Christmas grows closer, one thing is for sure…the sounds of the holidays are here. The voices of familiar artists that have been a part of every Christmas season almost singlehandedly remind everyone of the holidays, of years past and of the excitement of another Christmas. One such voice, that has for so many become synonymous with the holidays, belongs to the incredibly gifted, talented, and warm-hearted Amy Grant. Over the past thirty years, she has released music that has touched the hearts of generations worldwide. She’s not only become an icon in Christian music, but also a constant in the lives of so many families during the holidays. And for the first time in nearly twenty years, she has released a new Christmas album, Tennessee Christmas. By combining original new pieces alongside classic favorites, this album captures the incredible crossroads of new and old that embodies the holidays. Sitting down with Amy, I learned what the holidays mean to her, what God has been placing on her heart to share, and how Tennessee Christmas came out of her desires to meet people where they are at this holiday season. “I wanted the record to feel as though it were created for an audience of one. I want this to feel appropriate when the whole house has gone to sleep, and someone is up late doing something alone; that the music would feel like a companion. And in being a companion, articulate all the emotions of life, but within a Christmas context.” She went on to talk about how in her own life the holidays come with a mix of emotions and memories that are characterized by one constant thing, God’s love. As the seasons of life come and go, everyone experiences mountaintops and valleys, but by keeping her eyes on God’s love in the midst of it all, Amy was able to find such peace and joy in Him. One thing Amy prays to continually communicate not only through her music, but also through her life, is calling people back to the simple love of Christ. It may not always be easy, but God has been continually bringing her back to the scripture where Jesus summarized the entire law by saying, “Love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as (continued on page 12) by GABRIEL BLAND

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