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CONTENTS 10 TRUDY CATHY WHITE Stewarding a legacy far greater than the Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich 6 GOODlife EVENTS/VBS Check out this month’s list of local events and Vacation Bible School opportunities. 14 SPRING IS HERE We are often told to stay hydrated, but is that hydration coming at a cost? 16 LIVING IN GOD’S BEST Learning to prepare our hearts and minds to receive the “best” that God has for us Publisher Kristen Bland Managing Editor Gabriel Bland Editor Autumn Burr Advertising 770.656.4400 13 STUDENTlife - GRADUATION “What next?” The world today has an exceptionally strong obsession with the future and what the days ahead of us will bring. 18 GOODlife RECIPES Egg Roll in a Bowl: A healthy easy-to-make Asian dish you will love Contributing Editor Krista Messic This Month’s Contributing Writers Andrew Wommack Mason Tanner Article Submissions 1582 Williams Dr, Suite 250 Marietta Ga 30066 @goodlifemonthly Cover Credit GOODlife Magazine features Trudy Cathy White - Director of WinShape Camps for Girls, Daughter of Chick-fil-A’s founder Truett Cathy For the full story, see page 10. Photography | KariBeth Gentry KBG Photography GOODlife Magazine is a monthly publication distributed throughout Atlanta and Metro Atlanta. Entire contents, including design elements and logos, are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any media without the express written consent of the publisher. GOODlife Magazine, LLC reserves the right to edit or reject any editorial or advertising content. Advertisers assume liability for content of all advertisements. All information herein has been checked for accuracy to the best of our ability. Not responsible for deletions, omissions, errors and or inaccuracies. © 2017 GOODlife Magazine, LLC. All rights reserved.

A GOODlife Starts with Mom WINNER! Congratulations Marisa Krause! On the morning of September 29th, 1993, I entered this world, nearly losing my life, and nearly taking my mother’s in the process. She was eight months pregnant with me when a doctor’s visit resulted in her being rushed to the ER with heart failure. I was an emergency C-section and came out with little oxygen. Over the next day, I would be flown to two different hospitals before receiving open heart surgery at barely forty-eight hours old. I survived and my mother had survived, but not without complications. I had suffered an injury to my brain, giving me a mild case of cerebral palsy which was diagnosed when I was two years old. My mother didn’t know if I’d ever walk, talk, go to school, or have a “normal” life, but insisted she’d do everything in her power to make sure I did. Through her strength, patience, and determination, I learned how to do everything, including walking (unassisted) and talking (so much so I rarely ever stop.) I’ve graduated high school and am nearly finished with college. I needed multiple surgeries in my teens, and just as when I was a baby, she stayed by my side, caring for me. She even took me prom dress shopping with surgical needles sticking out of my leg. I was lucky—I had gotten through all of it because I had a strong woman to remind me every day that I could. Two years ago, on her birthday, my mom was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. I’ll never forget that day. Now my mom is the one who needs help and who doubts her strength, and I’m the one helping her, not only as a loving daughter, but as a best friend, because throughout my life, she has been my number one support system. She not only gave me life, but she saved my life by doing what no surgery could ever do—not give up on me. Even during this time, she is still the funniest, smartest, bravest, and most beautiful woman I know. Many people can’t even believe she’s sick because she looks so good! Though I know our time may be shorter than most mothers and daughters have, I thank God every day I get with her. I don’t know why we’ve had to face so many health challenges, but I can see now clear as day that we were destined to have this life together, and I couldn’t imagine my journey with anyone else. She’s taught me how to love, how to care for others, and how to thrive even when the world looks so grim—and perhaps most importantly, how to do it all while smiling and looking fabulous (hint: lipstick)! Don’t forget the “GOODlife Starts with Dad” writing contest! Submit a written entry (Story, Letter, Song, etc...) 450 word max about or to your awesome Dad! Top Golf $100 Gift Card La Vida Massage A 60 Minute Massage from Kennesaw/Cartersville Publication in GOODlife Magazine Winning entry published in June issue, print and digital versions Chateau Elan An overnight stay for 2 & 2 rounds of golf at RULES and DEADLINES: Provide your full name, phone number, and mailing address. Entries for the Father’s Day contest must be received by midnight May 5, 2017. One entry per person allowed. All entries must be original work, and any previously published work will not be eligible for the prize. For more rules and information, visit

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