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SAXONIA, Saxony’s very own Statue of Liberty, is the largest free-standing figure in porcelain in the world and, glamorous one-off that she is, has graced the Theme World since the 25th anniversary of German Reunification. She can be viewed daily in the Theme World. The dress of this life-size beauty is adorned by 8,000 hand-modelled flower-heads in MEISSEN PORCELAIN ® . Her gracious gaze, meanwhile, radiates an incomparable passion; indeed, it is the very embodiment of freedom. She recently acquired a couple of smaller sisters every bit as magnificent as she herself is. Every single snowball blossom was individually cast and applied to the figure by hand – the modeller’s attention is focused both on the fine detail and the overall effect throughout. That’s how perfect MEISSEN ® works of art come to be.